CiraSync wants to make sure that no one
ever misses the “all-hands meeting”
because it isn’t on their calendar.

See it work

View and sync shared Office 365 calendars from mobile phones.

You shouldn’t have to install extra software, touch hundreds of smartphones, or hold user training just to provide mobile access to shared calendars.

With CiraSync for Office 365, you just specify the calendar you want to sync, and click on the names of the users and groups you want to target. In minutes, shared calendars start to appear on users’ smartphones. What could be easier?

You moved to the cloud to relieve the burden
of heavy infrastructure. CiraSync fits in
perfectly with your Office 365 ecosystem.

Step-by-Step Video of Calendar Sync

Why use CiraSync for Calendar Sync?

  • Economical. Minimize cellphone data costs by syncing only new and updated events to users’ phones.
  • Provides granular control over targeting. Not every user needs access to every calendar. CiraSync simplifies management by targeting your existing distribution lists and GAL groups.
  • Low-maintenance. With CiraSync, there’s no software to install, no need to configure users’ phones, and no need for user training. Syncing is automatic, so you can just set it and forget it.

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