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April 28, 2016
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June 21, 2016

How I got my head out of my SaaS and into the Azure Cloud

Why Azure cloud is great for CiraSync

Why Azure cloud is great for CiraSync

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Why CiraSync chose to locate its SaaS infrastructure completely on Windows Azure cloud, and why Azure’s consent framework turned out to be a killer lead-conversion tool for a software company launching its key product.

When we launched our on-premises contact management software, it took five years to get the first 30 customers. While that may seem pathetic (which it is), those 30 customers represented about 25,000 seats.

CiraSync launched April 1. We have virtually the same type of application, but it is SaaS-based and the contrast is insane. It took five weeks to acquire the first 30 customers. Continue Reading.

Vern Weitzman
Vern Weitzman
CTO and Founder of Cira Apps Limited. I have been building Exchange applications and related contact management for 15 years.