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Microsoft inspire 2017 – The Biggest Partner Conference Of the Year



This year, Microsoft is holding its largest ever partner event from July 9th-13th in Washington DC. Microsoft partners will be in attendance, all looking to get a chance to mingle with vendors, other partners and experience hundreds of talks and workshops. This year, CiraSync is lucky enough to attend as an Exhibitor.

What exactly is Microsoft Inspire?

Formerly known as the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft’s biggest partner event was renamed Microsoft Inspire to align with other flagship conferences, including Microsoft Build and Microsoft Ignite.

The event is a 4-day gathering of partners and professionals, all who operate within the Microsoft ecosystem. The event provides an opportunity for these individuals and companies to network with other partners, explore over 200 booths operated by a select group from the partner network, and attend dozens of educational events sponsored by Microsoft.

So who all will be attending?

Microsoft Inspire is the largest annual partner event of its kind. Over 16,000 people from 130+ countries come together for a week of lead generation, networking, and hands on education. There’s no other event that close to the size and scale of Inspire. According to Microsoft, the event is primarily composed of high level managers, technical experts, and engineers.

Why it matters

This is a huge opportunity for every partner that’s presenting at the event. With over 16,000 people in attendance, the chance to make connections, meet new people, and show off products is huge. While at the event, there will be live demos of our UCM solution; along with this our technical staff will be on hand to answer any questions and educate partners on the product. All these reasons are why CiraSync is so excited to be in attendance. Expect plenty of updates around the event; this is an event that won’t disappoint.