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Why Partner with CiraSync

Enhance Office 365 productivity for your tenants with the secure CiraSync Saas platform. CiraSync instantly and automatically syncs enterprise Global Address List (GAL), public folders, and calendars to smartphones enabling your clients to access the latest contact and calendar information with full confidence in the accuracy of the data.

“walk2talk built a package of Office 365, SharePoint, and the cloud for our clients, so they can manage it easily. CiraSync fit perfectly into our package and fulfills its role flawlessly. CiraSync, Office 365 is now the complete communication solution for our clients.”

Marco Gumini, Solutions Engineer, walk2talk

Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Value Add Resellers (VARs), Microsoft Cloud Partners, and Microsoft Consultants all over the world use CiraSync as an immediate win for their tenants. The CiraSync solution is used by more than 5,000 companies around the globe.

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“It took about one minute to set up the trial. This is the first product robust enough to just work and sync Public Folder contacts to smartphones seamlessly.”

Brian Schultz, System Engineer at Teamlogic IT

CiraSync Partner Benefits

With CiraSync, your enterprise tenants can instantly sync Office 365 GAL, public folders, and calendars to smartphones with the following advantages:

Business smartphones always synced, anywhere, anytime

No software to install

Immediate deployment with minimal configuration

No user training needed

You can use the CiraSync Partner Portal to manage tenants, usage, and billing from a single console.

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