Free GAL Sync, Public Folder Sync
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for Smartphones

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The Personal Edition (PE) of CiraSync is a cloud solution to sync contacts and calendars to your Office 365 mailbox. Get instant access to the GAL or Public Folders from smartphones.

Here are some examples that our current subscribers sync to their smartphones:

  • The Global Address List, or specific GAL groups.
  • Contacts in a Public Folder.
  • A calendar in Public Folder.

We call these sync tunnels. On Personal Edition, you can only configure one sync tunnel at a time.

On CiraSync Enterprise Edition (EE), you can configure multiple sync tunnels of different types.

CiraSync PE is primarily meant to be a demo of contact and calendar sync. However, we decided to make it free for individual users that have their Exchange mailboxes hosted on Microsoft Office 365.

Personal Edition allows you to turn on a weekly sync process which runs on the weekend. However, you can logon to the dashboard and sync on demand at any time.

When PE does sync contacts, the notes field is replaced with promotional content. You won’t be able to sync the notes field.

At present, there is no cap on the number of contacts or appointments that you can sync.

In second quarter of 2018, we have implemented some additional limitations.

  • The first ten users can enable a weekly schedule — an automated sync task will keep contact or calendar appointments from getting too stale.
  • We have capped the number of users in a tenant to twenty. The 21st user can login to the dashboard but they will not be able to run a sync task and cannot schedule a sync task.
Capabilities CiraSync PE CiraSync EE
Sync more than one contact list or calendar at time No Yes
Periodic updates for Public Folders and Shared Mailboxes Once per week for up to 10 users Every 30 minutes
Maximum Number of CiraSync users in a tenant 20 Unlimited, Purchase in 10 packs
Sync on demand at any time Yes Yes
Promotion free replication of contact notes No Yes
Subscription Expiration Indefinite Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual subscription
Requires Opt In to CiraSync EMail marketing Yes No
Centralized configuration of Contact Lists and Calendar sync No Yes
Sync to Default Contacts or custom subfolder Only CiraSync Yes
Requires Global Administrator to setup No Yes
iPhone App and Android App Yes Yes
Support: Phone, EMail and Online Meetings No Yes