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March 13, 2018
Contact Lists and Office 365 Dynamic Distribution Groups
April 10, 2018

How to Share an Exchange Server Contact Folder with an Office 365 Tenant

sync public folder contacts and calender to smartphones

A few weeks ago our sister company released a “Remote Exchange” feature for itrezzo UCM.  The feature will sync contact folders between two different Exchange Organizations.

This feature will also work to read contacts from an Office 365 Public Folder or shared mailbox and use it as a source to a contact list.

You can do this by using the EWS endpoint at

Enter credentials for Office 365 mailbox where shared contacts reside


If you need help setting up a contact connector betweek Exchange on premise and Office 365, please contact itrezzo Support for assistance.

Vern Weitzman
Vern Weitzman
CTO and Founder of Cira Apps Limited. I have been building Exchange applications and related contact management for 15 years.