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If you have set up a Global Admin specifically for CiraSync, there is one more step to select a specific Office 365 public folder.

When any of your Global Administrators logs on the CiraSync dashboard, their Azure access token is used as the default for contact sync tasks.  This can be a huge problem if that user has global admin status, but does not have rights to the Application Impersonation role.

To resolve this issue, click on your picture in the top right corner:

 Office 365 public folder Office 365 Contact Manager Global Settings

Click the settings button:

Office 365 public folder Contact Manager Global button Office 365 Contact Manager Global button

Select the Service Account Menu (1), click the checkbox to specify a service account(2) and choose the CiraSyncAdmin account (3)

Office 365 public folder Contact Manager Settings Office 365 Contact Manager Settings

Important: You can’t set up the new CiraSyncAdmin account until you logon at least one time.  When you logon, CiraSync is granted a token from Azure AD. Without the token, CiraSyncAdmin won’t appear in the list of available service accounts.

From this point forward, you no longer need to log on as CiraSyncAdmin account. Each IT staff member can access the dashboard under their own Office 365 identity.

IMPORTANT: If you sync public folders to Outlook contacts or calendars, be certain that the CiraSyncAdmin account has reviewer permissions on that Office 365 public folder.